Caregiver Compensation - Connecticut

Ready Set Care

Connecticut offers three ways to get paid as a family caregiver.


1. Connecticut Community First Choice: is designed to allow elderly and/or disabled individuals who would otherwise require care in a nursing facility to remain at home. This program allows friends and family members to be hired and paid for providing personal care services. 


Program Requirements

  • MUST be a Connecticut resident 

    • IF under 65, MUST be Medicaid eligible 

    • MUST require nursing facility level of care

    • Spouses and legal guardians are not eligible 


Contact Number: 211 (Connecticut CommunityCare)


2. Personal Care Assistance Program assists elderly and disabled adults who cannot complete activities of daily living remain at home. This consumer-directed program enables care recipients to choose, train, and schedule their care and caregivers.


Program Requirements

  • MUST be a Connecticut resident

    • MUST be 18+

    • MUST have a recognized disability 

    • MUST require assistance with at least TWO daily living activities

    • MUST be Medicaid eligible

    • Spouses are not eligible 


Contact Number: 800-445-5394 (Department of Social Services)


3. Statewide Respite Care Program: is a non-Medicaid program that helps the caregivers of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and similar conditions. This program offers respite care that is designed to offer the primary caregiver a break. 


Program Requirements

  • MUST be a Connecticut resident

    • MUST have a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or related dementia condition

    • MUST meet program's financial eligibility (see website)

    • All 18+ caregivers eligible (Except Spouses)  


Contact Number: 1-800-356-5502 (Connecticut Area Agency on Aging)