Caregiver Compensation - New York

Ready Set Care

New York offers two ways to get paid as a family caregiver.


1. Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program: allows elderly and disabled adults who cannot complete activities of daily living to remain at home. Under this program, certain family members can be hired and paid to carry out personal care services.


Program Requirements

  • MUST be 60+, OR, have a disability

    • MUST require assistance with daily living activities

    • MUST be Medicaid eligible

    • Spouses are NOT eligible 


Contact Number: 518-449-7080 (New York Area Agency on Aging)


2. Expanded In-home Services for the Elderly (EISEP): is a non-Medicaid program that helps elderly and disabled adults receive care at home. This program helps pay for care recipients to hire their own caregivers and control their own care plans. Other covered services can range from adult day and respite care to transportation assistance.  


Program Requirements

  • MUST be 60+

    • MUST need help with activities of daily living

    • MUST be low income (But not Medicaid eligible)

    • Depending on income the service is also available on a sliding scale, call local AAA for more information

    • All caregivers eligible

Contact Number: 518-449-7080 (New York Area Agency on Aging) 800-342-9871 (Senior Citizen Helpline)