17 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Senior Loved One in Your Life

Laurel McLaughlin

This is the season of gift-giving! Finding the perfect gift is never easy. 

However, with this gift guide, you’ll be able to find the best gift for the senior loved one in your life.

Whether your senior loved one lives at home, in an assisted living facility, in a skilled nursing facility, or with you; you can use this gift guide to help you find the right gift for them.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Elderly Women & Men

For the Techie

If your loved one is always looking for the latest tech gadgets, check out these cool gifts to help them stay connected and engaged. 

1. E-Reader or Tablet

Let your loved one read their favorite author from anywhere. Consider buying them a tablet (or iPad) to keep them connected with family and the rest of the world, online.

Tablets are a great choice for older adults who may have hearing or visual impairments as well because audiobooks can be accessed through the library and bookstore apps and font sizes can be changed.

2. Digital Picture Frame

Digital photo frames are the perfect gift for grandparents. 

Easily share photos from any cell phone, near or far. With Wi-Fi, the older adult in your life can enjoy uploading new photos of their family and friends to their new digital picture frame.

3. Wearable Fitness Device

Wearable fitness devices allow your loved one to keep track of their steps, activity, and even heart rate. They can also double as a safety tool too, as some even have fall detection capabilities and GPS trackers installed.

4. Smart Speaker

Smart speakers or virtual assistant technology such as Amazon Echo or Alexa are also great ideas for seniors who appreciate technology.

An Amazon Echo is not only a fun, tech tool but is also very practical. It can provide appointment and medication reminders from Alexa, alarm clock features, call family members, listen to music, and more all through Bluetooth technology.

For the Gamer or the Puzzler 

Does your senior like keeping their mind active? Consider a thoughtful gift - a puzzle specially created just for them. 

5. Personal Crossword Puzzle

Don’t just gift them the standard crossword or word search book, instead have a personal crossword puzzle uniquely made for your loved one. By making your own, you can even make the font large print, if your loved one is visually impaired.

6. A Unique Jigsaw Puzzle

Have a favorite family photo? Photo of a beloved pet? Turn it into a jigsaw puzzle to do with your loved one this winter!

For the Nostalgic Senior

We all love sentimental gifts. Your loved one will love sharing their life story with younger generations with these great gifts.

7. Autobiography Journal

If your loved one likes to write, consider a journal for them to create their own autobiography. This will create a treasure for future generations to hold on to. 

8. A Family Recipe Book 

If your loved one has always loved being in the kitchen, compile a book of all the family recipes. Invite other family members to contribute their favorites, too!

9. Learn About Family History with a Genealogical DNA Kit

Interested in family history? Look into purchasing a genealogical DNA Kit for them to learn all about their ancestry and background.

10. Family Portrait

Gather all of your family members together for a large family portrait. Consider investing in a family portrait that can be enjoyed by family members for years to come.

For the Practical Older Adult

If your loved one is the practical type, a great, useful gift idea might be replacing a household item or purchasing a solution to an everyday problem your loved one faces.

They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and your attention to detail with these practical gifts that improve quality of life.

11. A New Coffee Maker & Local Coffee Beans

Is your loved one a coffee lover?

Replace the old coffee maker with something new and pair it with a unique mug, local coffee, and the coffee maker. A perfect gift basket for any coffee lover!


12. Jar Opener or Grabber

Older people may struggle with dexterity. If the senior in your loved one does, consider a jar opener or grabber to make everyday challenges a little bit easier.

For Someone in Need of a Night Out

For those in need of a night out, consider one of the following gifts to create new memories together.

13. Show Tickets

If your loved one enjoys getting out on the town, consider tickets to a concert or show in your city.

Some theaters even offer special showings for senior citizens or people living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

14. Try a Paint Night 

For those who are creative (or not!) Try a paint night or DIY craft night.

Learn to paint a picture, or do another craft, with the guidance of a trained instructor. Not looking to go out? Try partaking in an online painting class together.

For the Homebody

Whether your loved one has limited mobility or is just more inclined to stay at home, there are plenty of ways to stay engaged together.

15. It’s Never Too Late to Learn with an Online Class

It’s never too late to keep learning. Sign your loved one up for an online class- a fitness class, a language class, or another topic of interest!

16. Set Up a Bird Feeder

Find a unique bird feeder from a local crafter and set it up outside your loved one’s window. They’ll be able to enjoy the coming and goings of the local wildlife.

17. A Night In

Time really is the best gift. Sometimes setting aside the caregiving tasks and focusing on quality time together can be rewarding for both you and your loved one.

As a family caregiver, it can be difficult to put day-to-day activities to the side. Plan ahead to cook a favorite meal, watch a favorite movie, play a card game, use adult coloring books, reminisce with family photo albums, or play a game.

Finding a good gift for the senior in your life doesn’t have to be stressful. You can find the perfect gift no matter your loved one’s interests or abilities and have peace of mind that they will love it.